Sara (США)


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 Возраст: 31

Стаж преподавания: 2 года

Специальность:  Conversational and Business English


My name is Sara and I’m from Dallas Texas.  I have studied Professional & Technical Communications then Video Production at the Art Institute of Dallas.  I then decided to go towards studies in Business Management and obtained a degree upstate New York.  With my adventurous side, I lived in French Guiana where I taught English to Junior High students and then moved to the island of Sint Maarten while travelling to the neighboring countries such as Brazil, Suriname, etc…I am passionate about other cultures, languages and lifestyles of people from different walks of life.  I am attracted by what’s unique and unusual and find it interesting and worth knowing.  I have been giving classes online for the past year and I’m looking forward to teaching you soon. 



 Rita (США) 



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Стаж преподавания : 8 лет

Специальность: Conversational and Business English


My name is Rita and I am an English as a Second Language teacher from the USA with over 7 years of teaching experience in lesson planning, building teacher/student rapport, creating student activities, meeting lesson aims and much more.

I am a determined, enthusiastic and highly motivated teacher.  I have focused on instilling in my students a love of learning in a stimulating atmosphere adapted to their diverse needs.

As a result of my current online position experience and my prior junior high school grade and adult language center teaching placement, I have become flexible in my teaching, while perfecting high organizational standards and skills using materials such as:

   -Role playing        

   - Intensive oral fluency training practice of varying complexity

   - The practical working out of standard everyday situations

   - Video and audio training courses

   - Game elements, English songs, movies, interactive websites…

I work exclusively with the latest materials and manuals, giving preference to well-known publishers such as Longman, LIS textbooks, Cambridge University Press , Oxford, Language Success Press, Webster’s, Express Publishing, which guarantees relevance and modernity of the studied material.

Each student is unique, so I tailor my lessons to best suit the student’s learning style and personality. The best teacher is a teacher who guides the students to teach themselves. That is how I teach, and that is why my classes are always student-centered.

I would love to help you become a better English speaker and help you improve your English skills in a fun, interactive and efficient way.


 Marina (Канада)

Стаж преподавания : 10 лет

Специальность: General English, Conversational English, Business English


My name is Marina. I am a native English speaker with a degree from the University of Waterloo  as well as TESL Ontario education and certification. I have many years of experience teaching English using various on line formats as well as experience teaching in front of a classroom.

I have worked extensively with business men and women who all have a strong desire to improve their conversational English as a way to advance their careers or simply as a tool when travelling.

My lessons are always fun, positive and motivational. I enjoy catering lessons especially to the language goals of my students. I incorporate listening, speaking, writing and reading skills in all my classes to enhance learning and to meet the objectives of the learners.

I have taught beginner to advanced English with great success and have also used the latest technology to deliver those classes.

 I think you will find the time we spend together to be worthwhile and beneficial.  Lessons are very important for me! I hope that together we can achieve your language goals. Maybe we can talk about some of my or your hobbies. I enjoy horseback riding, reading, watching television and shopping! Hope to see you soon online!



 Marke (США)  

Стаж преподавания : 10 лет

Специальность : General English, Conversational English, Business English, Preparation for TOEIC/IELTS 
 I am an English language teacher with over 10 years’ experience teaching international students of all ages.  I have also taught intensive I.E.L.T.S. classes to students who intended to work in various English speaking countries.  I began my teaching career as a technical college Mathematics teacher.  However, at this time, I am focusing on teaching English online.  I use an understanding yet very strict teaching style when it comes to assigned lessons and Skype classroom decorum.  I have helped many students to achieve their desired score on various language tests (such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, etc. I am an American who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  I am a dual degree holder of a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. 



 Charles  (США)

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Возраст: 45

Стаж преподавания: 7 лет

Специальность: General English,Conversational English,Business English, Preparation for TOEIC/IELTS 

I have 7 years experience as an ESL/online English teacher. I have taught all entry level of students from many international countries.I am an avid writer,poet, composer. Have no fear to express and share your wonderful ideas, suggestions, and opinions! Enjoy while learning and practicing your English! You’ll be confident before you know it.

Degrees: B.A. in Culinary Art degree "Master Chef" 1986 ,Degree in "Russian Literature" 1993,M.A. "Special Education 1997",TEFL Certicate. 



 William (Канада)


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Возраст: 54

Стаж преподавания: 17 лет

Специальность: General English, Conversational English,Business English, Preparation for TOEIC/IELTS 
 My name is Willian, I was born and raised in Canada, a native English Speaker, I've been teaching English since 1995. I taught English in Korea for elmost 5 years, I was an English teacher of all level during my time there. I also taught business english in several companies in Seoul. In 2007 I return to Canada to teach English in private school. I took my TESL certifiticate when I was there. I also taught general english, university corporation english and IELTS when I was living in Vancouver Canada. In July 2009 I decided to went back to Asia in Thailand where I live now. During my time here I have taught ESL in some private schools and Business English in a companies. I also been teaching online for the past 8 months now. I really enjoy teaching online and I will try do my best for each student who wants to have class with me. Thank you very much and hope to see you in one of my classes soon.   

  Daveena (Великобритания)


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Стаж преподавания: 10 лет

Специальность: General English, Conversational English,Business English, Preparation for TOEIC/IELTS 
My name is Daveena and I have been teaching English for ten years now. For the last three years, I have mainly been teaching online and have taught students for all around the world. I am from the UK and am based here which means my time zone is London GMT. I teach students at all levels but have specialised in teaching students studying for examinations such Academic and General IELTS. I also have a Business English Teaching Certificate so I am also able to help students who need to improve their English for work purposes. I really enjoy teaching and always make every effort ensure that my students receive a good quality learning experience. I believe it is very important that I monitor students' progress and give students feed back about this. I think that the most rewarding aspect of teaching is seeing my students improve their English and successfully pass examinations.